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  • FREE ClickFunnels Online Course Instructor Funnel

I’ve taught courses on Udemy for almost 5 years now. I launched Online Course Coupons and Free Course Daily to help other instructors promote their courses to my email list.

Now I’ve discovered the power of sales funnels and building them using Clickfunnels.

With this funnel you can promote an online course of yours for Free or at a discounted price to capture a students email address. Then the funnel takes them to the next page where you can up-sell them to another course and add a bonus offer on the order page.

In this example I offer my Udemy ConvertKit Email Marketing Course for Free and then offer my Chatfuel Chatbot course at a steep discount. See the LIVE Funnel in action here:

FREE ConvertKit Course

Click on the link below to load the shared Online Course Instructor Funnel and get your FREE 14-day trial of Clickfunnels.

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I have taught in person workshops here in Idaho where I live and hosted many webinars over the last several years. Now this funnel makes it easy to start gathering names and email addresses of those who are interested in your event.

Clickfunnels makes it so easy to build a registration page for local workshops, speaking engagements or webinars.

Click the link below to load the shared Event or Webinar Registration Funnel and make it your own.

See what the Funnel looks like here:

Event or Webinar Funnel

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MLM or Multi-Level Marketing is extremely popular and not going away. That’s why put together this special MLM Funnel for use with ClickFunnels that lets you capture an email address and then give them access to product video and more.

If you want to see the Funnel in action you can do so here and you can watch 4 Videos from MLM Secret Hacks and Funnel Expert Steve Larsen.

This funnel can be used to build your leads for your MLM downline and selling your physical or digital product using a serious of video. You can make the funnel uniquely yours by customizing for your business.

Don’t have ClickFunnels? Download this funnel right into your FREE 14-Day Trial of ClickFunnels with a special offer on a limited ClickFunnels plan.

Get FREE Multi-Level Marketing Video Funnel

If you have a PDF of your book and you want to use it as a Lead Magnet to up-sell to other products you have or even a course you teach, this is the perfect funnel for that.

I created this funnel to promote a friends Business Analytic courses. He has just over 10 courses teaching others how to have a career as a Business Analyst. He’s been very success and branching out to other platforms to sell his courses on. So I build a funnel to help promote his courses as an affiliate.

This funnel can be used to build your leads if you have a book or PDF you want to offer for free to build your list and then up-sell another product you might have like a course or another book. 

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It was last year when I discovered some Clickfunnels Courses on Udemy which I enrolled in and signed up for the FREE 14-Day Trial but I didn’t do much with it at first. But then something happened…

Affiliate Bootcamp

ClickFunnels recently updated the Affiliate Bootcamp with a series of videos from what they call Super Affiliates. This special elite group of affiliates responded to an email with a question on what they would do to put food on the table for their family with just affiliate commissions! He has about 15 reply with a wealth of information and ideas on how you too can work your way to the top. Are you in?

What’s Your Dream Car?

I starting learning about Clickfunnels Affiliate Program and their Dream Car Contest. I have owned my 2000 Ford Focus for almost 20 years now and it’s time for something new. It has now air conditioning and summers in Idaho are hot! I don’t drive it when it gets above 90 degrees. That’s going to change this year with a new car! Plus my friend Dave Espino told me about his surprise check for just over $6,000 he received for promoting Clickfunnels.

One Funnel Away Challenge

My birthday is in January so I always think about what I’d like to accomplish during the new year. I saw that Clickfunnels was hiring and I’ve always wanted to work for a fast growing start up company. But I really hadn’t used the product enough yet so I didn’t apply and hoped they’d offer the position again.

Things changed… the One Funnel Away Challenge was coming up towards the end of January. I knew that I had to sign-up to force me to focus on learning about funnels and Clickfunnels. The challenge was for 30 day which meant that I was doing a new task daily. Lots of work but it was well worth it plus I got some cool stuff like a book, MP3 Player loaded with the Challenge to take it on the go and a workbook with task and to take notes. Each day we received the task for the day with information about Funnels from Russell Brunson co-founder of Clickfunnels, listened to funnel building expert Steve Larson live each day and learning about good funnel design from Julie Stoian.

When the challenge was over I just kept going by immersing myself into Clickfunnels and following others who had success with the affiliate program. Watching videos on the Clickfunnels YouTube Channel and building funnels that I can share with others. I knew that there was so much opportunity out there from building funnel for others, my online courses or working for Clickfunnels.

Shared Funnels

You see, the cool thing about Clickfunnels is you can create a funnels and then share it with others so they can use it for their business, hosting a webinar, dropshipping products, self-help advise, selling digital products, books, online courses and more. What happens when you share your funnel? The person wanting your funnel needs to sign-up for Clickfunnels to use your funnel and customize it however they want. If they stay with Clickfunnels you get rewarded each month with $38.80 which is 40% of the $97 Start Up package. Plus there are other product you can promote like the One Funnel Away Challenge. Next Challenge Starts in June so get registered today!

I’m here to help! If you get stuck along the way with getting the funnel setup let me know and I’ll jump on Zoom with you and help you out. It’s pretty easy to get things started and then all you have to do is send traffic to the funnel. You don’t even need your own website but you can use the Clickfunnels plugin for WordPress like I do and get your own domain name. Just click the link above and lets get started. Seriously, don’t wait like I did because I could be much further ahead if I acted sooner so take action now.