ClickFunnels Pricing 2019: $19 ClickFunnels Plan

Funnel Your Way To Success With ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels Pricing 2019: $19 ClickFunnels Plan

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ClickFunnels Pricing 2019: $19 ClickFunnels Plan?

UPDATE: The $19 Shared Funnels Only Plan from ClickFunnels is no longer available. There are now only 2 Plan which now offer more features. That is the $97 Basic Plan with 20 Funnels + other features and the $297 Platinum Plan with unlimited funnels, FunnelFlix and more features.

Did you know that there are 3 ClickFunnels Pricing Plans for new users to choose from? The ClickFunnels website might only show 2 when signing up for the FREE 14-Day Trial but there’s a little known 3rd Plan if you know the right people. Keep reading to find out which plan might work best for you and your business needs.

What is that 3rd ClickFunnels Pricing Plan?

Well let’s talk about these 2019 ClickFunnels Pricing Plan Options because those are what work best for a majority of ClickFunnels users. If you are really serious about building some amazing funnels that generate revenue you want to be on one of these 2 ClickFunnels Pricing Plans.

ClickFunnels Start Up Plan

Start Up Plan is the most popular ClickFunnels Plan for those who are just getting started and ready to make a run at building beautiful funnels. Here’s a breakdown of what this plan includes so you can see if it’s right for you.

Funnels = 20
Pages = 100
Visitors = 20,000
Contacts = Unlimited
Custom Domains = 3
Members = Unlimited
SMTP = 1
Actionetics = No
Backpack = No

ClickFunnels Full Suite Plan

Full Suite or the Etison Editor Suite Plan is the best value for those who are serious about funnels and the ability to manage an email list all from one application. No restrictions to stop you from creating unlimited funnels with unlimited pages, visitors, contacts plus Actionetics and Backpack.

Funnels = Unlimited
Pages =Unlimited
Visitors = Unlimited
Contacts = Unlimited
Custom Domains = Unlimited
Members = Unlimited
SMTP = 3
Actionetics = Yes
Backpack = Yes

There’s a few plans that used to be part of the ClickFunnels Pricing lineup like the Professional Plan and the Personal Plan. But just like cell phone plans these 2 have been grandfathered so you won’t find them available.

Where Is This Super Affordable Plan?

However, lucky for us there is one plan that I found out about a few months ago. I kept hearing about it but I couldn’t find out where one could get the plan. When I first started using ClickFunnels I was on the Start Up Plan and having a hard time paying the monthly subscription. Plus I kept procrastinating for month until I took the One Funnel Away Challenge in January and got serious about building funnels.

But I realize there are starving entrepreneurs out there and I was struggling myself in 2018 and had way too many subscriptions. So this Shared Funnels Plan is the perfect plan for someone to start with, learn ClickFunnels and then upgrade to the Start Up Plan, Full Suite or even the Actionetics MD Plan that I’m now on.


Limitations and Reminders…

Keep in mind that this plan has it’s limitations so if your funnels take off, which I hope they do you’ll need to upgrade to Start Up Plan or Full Suite. There’s 3 funnels which can only have 5 pages per funnel and a maximum of 1000 visitors to your funnel each month. If you have that much traffic coming to a funnel and you should be generating enough income to upgrade into the $97 Start Up Plan which allows up to 20,000 visitors.

Shared Funnels Plan

Funnels = 3
Pages = 5 per funnel
Visitors = 1,000
Custom Domains = 1
SMTP = 1
You can’t add new pages or add funnels outside of share funnel links.

Things to remember! Warning, once you are on this plan you won’t be able to go back on it if your ClickFunnels account is cancelled for non-payment or if you upgrade to the Start Up or Full Suite Plans. Then you have to find someone with the special link again and it just becomes a big mess if you have already created funnels.

So are you ready for that special link? Here’s several funnels to choose from that will put you on the 14-Day trial and then just $19 a month after the trial ends. If you don’t see the $19 option when you click a link below you’ll need to clear the cache and cookies on your browser or browse incognito and try the link again. Do not contact ClickFunnels because they cannot manually put you on this plan.

ClickFunnels Pricing 2019: ClickFunnels for $19



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